Delphi is one of the must sees in Greece. We planned to cross the country through the northern part. But then we got recommendations from different sites to not miss Delphi.
So, we changed planes (as usual) and went south. It was a perfect decision, though. We really enjoyed our stay in the area and the visit to the archaeological site of Delphi.
As a plus, we hiked down from the city to the sea and finished the day with a jump into the cold water.
Here, we summed up all the information for a wonderful day in and around Delphi.

The archaeological site of Delphi

If you are based in the town of Delphi, you can just walk to the archaeological site at the northern end of the town.
We stayed at the nice campground Delphi Camping, though. From there, you can take the bus up to the town which stops at the entry to the archaeological site. The bus comes by the campground several times a day. The first, and from us recommended time is at 7.40 am. Taking this, you can enter the archaeological site at the opening time at 8 am. You will be one of the first visitors. You can enjoy the ruins before the crowds arrive and prevent the heat. Once, the sun rises above the hill, it will get hot soon. we felt kind of nerdy to be the first visitors at the not yet opened gate. But it was really worth it.
On the site, there is an interesting museum. With your ticket you can enter the museum and the archaeological site on two different days. So, we chose to visit the museum on the first afternoon, and the ruins the next day.

The hike down

After the (morning) visit of the archaeological site, you can use the rest of the day for a nice hike down the hill to the village of Kirra. You enter the path when you turn left on the first junction in Delphi, coming from the northern direction. It is quite easy to find. The path is part of an ancient pilgrim path. It goes down the hill, some parts are on the main road but the majority is a small, stony path. It leads by a small church (best time for a lunch) and through a village. Then, when you finally descended the hill, you will enter the biggest olive grove in Europe. Here grows one of the oldest olives breeds of the world. The local olive farmers are very proud of that, understandably.

At this point, we highly recommend to take a lot of water with you on this hike. At the latest now, it will get really hot. In some parts in the olive grove, there is no shadow and the sun burns from the clear sky.
Eventually, you enter the village of Kirra. You can stop at a market for an ice cream or at a cafe for a Frappé. Then, take off your boots and jump into the sea for a refreshing bath.

The way back

Unless you want to hike back up the hill, you can take a bus back to the campground or to Delphi. Unfortunately, you can not take a bus directly from Kirra. First, you have to walk (or take a bus) from Kirra to the bigger village of Itea. This bus runs at around 3 pm.
From Itea, there is a bus a few times a day up to Delphi. It starts at the main street next to the beach promenade. You have to buy a ticket for the bus at the office next to the station. We took the bus at 4.15 pm. There is another one in the evening. In the waiting time, you can enjoy a coffee at one of the cafes next to the main street. If you are based at the campground, just tell the driver to drop you there.

After a day full of history and beautiful landscape, we just relaxed in the evening with some olives and a view down to the grove and the sea.

Do you want to know more about our stay in this area? Do you have any additions? Just leave a comment!

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