If you are wondering how much overlanding Australia would cost you, you have found the right post! In this article we give you an insight in what we have spent in this country. Actually, at the time of writing, we are still in Australia and still spending money. We generated the data after roughly five months in the country.
Australia is not cheap, mostly because labor is expensive. On average we spent 51.43 € per day. Still, there is a lot to see and do and in the end we will have spent a full year here. On the other hand, if you can get a work visa, the high wages make Australia a good place to refill your bank account.

Overlanding costs for different countries

Note that these 51.43 € do not include costs for vehicle maintenance and repairs, equipment we bought along the way, shipping and flights as those cannot be attributed to one single country. On average, we have spent an additional 27.18 € per day in these categories.

Cost breakdown

Here is what we we would buy on an average day in Australia:

Overlanding costs in Australia

The data was gathered over a long period, namely 144 days. So it does not contain anything out of the ordinary that is not given the chance to average out over the time of stay. Our working holiday visa were around 300 € a piece and the third person liability insurance for Willie another 300 €. These two things make up for almost our entire expenditures in the fees department.
Groceries are as expensive as nowhere else we have been so far. But eating out is even more expensive. So we do not do that more often than maybe once every two weeks. And even then we usually only fancy fish and chips from a takeaway or pub grub rather than posh table service restaurants. On average, this still adds up to 7.18 € daily.
We also spend a lot on fuel. Diesel is still quite a lot cheaper than in Europe, but distances are huge once you leave the west coast.
Entertainment or touristy stuff is also very expensive. But quality and service are usually superb. Nonetheless we limit the amount of surfing lessons, dive tours and helicopter flights..
On a final remark we would like to state that we are doing fairly well when it comes to accommodation! We free camp most of the time. Most caravan parks charge around 20 € per night minimum. Which we find is a lot of money for basically a shower. Especially since we found out that many towns offer either free cold or very inexpensive hot public showers.

For comparison, we have included the graph showing our daily average expenses of the whole trip below.

Average daily cost of living while overlanding the world

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