More than 2000 years ago, Greece was the birthplace of Western civilization. And traces of its millennia old history are dotted all over the country. But Greece is not only for the history and archeology buffs! There are also superb beaches, beautiful islands, great food and wine and hospitable locals all around.
But Greece has also seen its fair share of problems over the past couple of years. The European dept crisis, the following economic decline and millions of refugees have changed the country. As tourism is an important branch of industry, the worst thing you could do is not to visit Greece! And once you are there, you will realize that there is absolutely no valid reason not to go.

People and Language

Greeks are nice and warm people and they have been dealing with mass tourism for decades. Although they even use their own alphabet, you can expect to find English, French or German speakers in the vicinity of any tourist attraction. Most signs use the Greek and Latin alphabet.


Greece is member of the Euro Zone. Banks and ATMs can be found in any bigger town. The price level is slightly lower than in Germany or France. Fuel is on a comparable level.


Campgrounds are widely available. We ended up paying roundabout 20 € per night for one vehicle and two persons. When we were there high season was just about to start. Wild camping is not particularly easy, as the population density is high. Beach areas appeared to be a good place to look for a wild camping spot.
Hotels can be found almost anywhere and in bigger cities it may also be wise to look into AirBnB.

Groceries and Food

You will find supermarkets in any larger town. Both, local and other European chains are present. In some regions there are fruit and vegetable stalls beside the street. A good place to shop for local produce, since they have most likely been harvested on the fields next to the road.
Expect to pay just over 10 € for a main dish in restaurants. It is always nice to share some starters before.

Drinking water

Tap water is generally safe to drink. There are some fountains along the roads. Once, we filled our water tank at a gas station.


Roads in Greece are mostly in good shape. In some places you see the present lack of money. Motorways are good, mostly empty and pretty expensive. You pay depending on the distance traveled. We tried to avoid them, which is quite easy if you are not in a rush. There is almost always a local road in parallel.
Greeks tend to have a not too crazy Southern European driving style. Even in Athens you will be able to get to your destination as a foreigner.

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