We had our Pakistan visas extended in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. It is a quite long and complicated process but if you follow below steps thoroughly, you will not encounter any problem doing the same. The employees at the embassy are usually friendly but not the happiest if you cause any work for them. Just ask to speak to the “officer in charge” whenever something takes longer than expected or you have a special question. As a foreigner they treat you very well and try to make everything possible.
In fact, it is not really a visa extension but a totally new visa with a new number.

What you need

  • Two passport photos.
  • Your passport.
  • Copy of your passport.
  • Copy of the letter of invitation from your first visa.
  • Copy of a Pakistani ID card (NIC). We had asked a friend for that. Your hostel host or the like might be able to help, as well.
  • Visa fee payable only cash in rupees. The fee for us was around 5600 PKR at that time.

You can get all the copies right next to the Pak Secretary at the stalls where you get the visa application form.

What you do

  1. Drive to Pak Secretary, northeast in Islamabad in F5 (just tell the guys at the police check points, you want to go to the Pak Secretary for Visa extension).
  2. Park your car and go to the copy stalls next to the parking area.
  3. Get a visa form and copies of your passports there. You also need a copy of the letter of invitation from your first visa.
  4. Fill in the form and write on the upper corner what kind of extension you like (duration and number of entries). The copy shop guys will help you! You need a passport picture, too.
    Everything seems to be possible. We extended/changed our 30 days single entry visa to a 180 days and double entry visa which was valid for the next 6 months!
  5. Proceed to the gate of the Pak secretary. The office of the ministry of interior is just behind it. The security guy will guide you when you say “visa” (office times vary in summer and winter, they start around 9 or 10 am, expect the officer to arrive late and leave early)
  6. Run to the front when the officer on the far left desk arrives and hand him over your papers.
  7. He will tell you when to come back to his office and collect the letter from the minister sometime in the afternoon (tell him you need it the same day or the next because you plan to drive to XY)
  8. Go and pick up the letter. If something is different to what you asked for, just ask again, they can change the letter on the spot.
  9. Drive to the Directorate General Immigration and Passport Headquarter, in G-8/1, with this letter and your passport. There are different time frames for handing in the visa extension papers (papers admission is in the morning, 10am-12pm) and for picking up the visa (that’s in the afternoon, 2-4 pm).
  10. Be there in time (morning) to hand in your letter and your passport. You have to fill in another form and glue a passport picture onto this form (they have glue there). They might also ask for a copy of a Pakistani ID (NIC). We had just asked a friend.
    If you don’t make it in time, stay there and ask to speak to the “officer in charge”. That always works and he is very friendly. We were successful with that, although the gate was closed already!
  11. You get a small sheet of paper with the date when you can pick up your passport with the new visa (approximately one week/ten days later). They also tell you how much you have to pay to an NBP bank. For us, it was around 5600 rupees (40 €). You should pay cash in rupees.
  12. Go to an NBP bank and pay the fee. You’ll get a receipt. Go back to the visa office and hand in this receipt.
  13. Go on the specific date from the small sheet to the visa office (in the afternoon) and pick up your passport. Check if everything is alright. If you face any problem, always ask to speak to the officer. He is willing to help and with his help, everything seems to be possible.

Places of the action

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Pak Secretary: 33.735970, 73.092930
Parking and copy stalls Pak Secretary: 33.736841, 73.091790
Directorate General Immigration and Passport Headquarter: 33.686397, 73.047664


Extension in Lahore

One of our overlander friends applied for his visa extension in Lahore what seemed to be less complicated.
Adress: 4 A Sher Shah Block Near Barkat Market، Lahore

  1. Go to the second floor.
  2. Fill in the application form. You need a copy of your current visa with entry stamp, copy of your passport, two passport pictures and a copy of a Pakistani ID (friend, guesthouse host etc.). They might also ask for a copy of your NOC if you have one for that area.
  3. Pay 3300 rupees into a bank outside the building.
  4. Come back the next day at 3 pm to pick up your new visa.

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