The Overland Travel Guide

Welcome to our overland travel guide! Leaving for an extended overland trip is not like jumping on a plane and going for a two week beach holiday in the Caribbean. There are many things to consider. Both, beforehand and while you are on the trip. Therefore we have divided our travel guide into three sections:
In the Trip Planning section we are going into greater detail, what has proofed to be useful to do before you actually leave. If you are still in your planning stages, take a look.
The Country Specific section leads you to all that valuable information from all the countries we have been to. Go there if you are interested in stuff like information about visa or permissions, directions, sights or beautiful spots to pitch your tent.


Browse through our country based overland travel guide

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Croatia: 45.815011, 15.981919
Montenegro: 42.430420, 19.259364
Albania: 41.327500, 19.818890
Bulgaria: 42.682476, 23.306086
Greece: 37.971197, 23.717051
Turkey: 39.895917, 32.836915
Azerbaijan: 40.398020, 49.724140
Georgia: 41.721200, 44.811900
Armenia: 40.292500, 44.496600
Nepal: 27.708800, 85.320200
China: 39.913818, 116.363625
India: 28.613900, 77.216000
Iran: 35.576500, 51.383700
Pakistan: 33.694600, 73.064400
Tajikistan: 38.556757, 68.790894
Uzbekistan: 41.312300, 69.278700
Kyrgyzstan: 42.866400, 74.551700
Kazakhstan: 51.163500, 71.482544
Russia: 55.755559, 37.628174
Mongolia: 47.878776, 106.917847
Australia: -35.310194, 149.131714
South Africa: -33.929000, 18.417400
Lesotho: -29.310100, 27.478200
eSwatini: -26.325700, 31.144700
Mozambique: -25.966200, 32.567500
Malawi: -13.973500, 33.787800
Zambia: -15.416400, 28.282200
Botswana: -24.655300, 25.908700
Namibia: -22.574500, 17.079100

We are more than curious where this trip will take us

Which places are we going to see? How will it be seeing each other 24/7 and how will living together in a car work out? If you are as curious as we are, make sure you do not miss anything!

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Overland Travel Guide: Trip Planning

Stage One: The Basics

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Route planning

Most journeys start with a desire for the unknown. Click for our comprehensive route planning guide!

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Time is a precious good and has a direct effect on the distance and the regions you can travel. Click to read about overland trips and time!

money icon


Money rules the world, even on an overland trip. Here’s our complete guide to how much you’ll need, how to make some and how to access it on the road!

Stage Two: Bureaucracy and Detailed Planning

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Here comes the most exciting part – not really. Nevertheless, you should plan ahead with all those official documents and permits necessary for your trip! Click for all the must-haves and how-tos!

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Obligations at Home

Leaving for a multiple month overland trip means leaving most of your stuff behind or getting rid of it before you leave. The same applies to insurances or liabilities you might have at home. Get our advice!

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Sources of Information

Here we have put together all the resources we used for trip planning. Information is scattered over books and websites. Click for a comprehensive must-read list!

Stage Three: Staying Healthy and Safe

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On an overland trip you will inevitably not only meet foreign cultures but also pathogens. Be prepared and get your vaccinations done. Read this for more information on health topics!

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Emergencies and Insurances

Emergencies can happen to anyone anywhere. Though overland travelers may be more venturesome than most other people, please consider these things and you will get off rather cheaply from most emergencies!

training icon


The best equipment on earth will not do any good if you cannot use it! Read more about what we think is useful to train and test before it gets serious.

Stage Four: Vehicle and Gear

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Vehicle Preparation

Visit our Landcruiser page for all information about overland vehicles and vehicle maintenance!

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Overland Gear

Visit our gear section for gear reviews and gear construction guides!



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