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This is us, your favorite overland travelers! Anna and Heiner from Germany. We have been together for more than 8 years and share our passion for traveling and all kinds of outdoor sports like hiking, mountain biking, skiing or scuba diving. End of 2014 we decided to start a new chapter in our lives and travel the world. On this page we want to tell you a little bit more about us. As individuals and as a couple. You will learn what we have done with our lives, what motivates us and when the travel bug bit us.


Meet your favorite overland travelers!

Anna from Backroad Vagrants


Navigator and Physician

Let me introduce you to Anna! Born in 1986, she grew up with her parents and two sisters in southern Germany. In a household full of estrogen and social conscience, her father must have had a tough time trying to convince his daughters to step into his footpaths and pursue a career in mechanical engineering. Well, he failed. With all of them. Anna followed her childhood dream, studied medicine and has become a pediatrician. She has been working in a hospital in Neuss for almost three years now and I imagine she must be great at it (not only because she is the best personal doctor)!
Anna’s first big trip brought her to South America for seven months after finishing high school. There, she first worked at a day nursery in Bolivia (note the social conscience again) and then backpacked for several weeks. Later, during her studies, she spent four months in Ghana for an internship. After another internship in Vermont, USA, she joined me on my trip through the US for five weeks. This was the test run for us as overland travelers.
We complement one another pretty well, not only travel wise. I could not think of any better team member for this trip and my life!


Mechanic and Programmer

This is Heiner (also called Heinrich, Heino, Henry); born in 1985, studied physicist, working as a business consultant in the automotive industry. He is the guy behind all the technical and mechanical stuff, in fact behind almost everything. He was with me right when I ended the sentence “Let’s travel the world!”. He exchanged his beloved motorcycle with our new family member and put all his passion and time besides his job in refurbishing it in his perfectionist way.
He discovered his love for traveling during his seven weeks trip to Cuba, for which he had saved money during community service after finishing high school. After studying physics in Munich and Dusseldorf he started a six months journey through the US by motorcycle – enjoying the freedom of extended overland travel. For the last three years he has been working in business consulting, where he has been wearing suits almost every day and most travels were on business purpose. During vacations two motorcycle trips through Ireland and Eastern Europe followed but the dream of living-for-the-moment for a longer time could never be reduced. I am happy to have him on my side and looking forward to our trip together. Heiner is my best friend and the perfect counterpart to dare this adventure of our lives.

Heiner from Backroad Vagrants

The two of us in a nutshell

We basically know each other since the mid-nineties. Back then we were ten years old and went to the same high school in Southern Germany.

Our fields of studies and universities dragged us into different directions. Anna went to Dusseldorf, Heiner went to Munich. This was 2006.

Just a couple of months later, in early 2007, we went on a skiing trip together and became a couple.

For more than two years we had a long distance relationship between Dusseldorf and Munich. That meant 600 km and back for one of us every other weekend.

In 2009 Heiner came to Dusseldorf for his master’s degree. After our travels in 2011 and 2012 we returned to Dusseldorf, as Anna had to finish her final exams.

Since late 2012 Heiner has been working for a consulting company. Therefore he is on business trips from Monday thru Friday almost every week and we are basically back to a long distance relationship.

We are more than curious where this trip will take us

Which places are we going to see? How will it be seeing each other 24/7 and how will living together in a car work out? If you are as curious as we are, make sure you do not miss anything!

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